Drone issue

Now that I have done a small amount of flying I have come across an issue. The Spark has intelligent flight modes that carry out pre-determined moves so that you can produce professional looking output without a great level of flying ability. However, none of these modes work on my Spark. All of them stop with a message that "ActiveTrack" has stopp...
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Bank Holiday Weekend in the Solent

Unbelievably they correctly forecasted a warm and sunny Bank Holiday, apparently this has not happened for something like 20 years. Therefore we spent two separate days boating in the Solent. On the first day we went to Yarmouth having stopped for a quick go at Wakeboarding off Bouldnor. Despite being calm winds there was a strange chop on the...
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Getting a Drone

The background As you can see from this website, I like taking pictures and videos and nowadays that seems to mean looking at Drone based footage. I have been looking for a while at Drones but they have been either too expensive to consider or are classed as toys grade. However recently DJI have announced the Spark  and GoPro have announc...
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Sunset trip - The Video

As a follow on to the sunset trip down the Solent, here is the video. 
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James took a trip to the Isle of Wight on Saturday with some friends from the Thames who have come to sample the sea. They were constrained in their travel times so the trip was done in Force 4 winds which meant conditions were less than ideal. This mini clip shows the spray coming over the front and the "bounce". The boat copes ok, its just no lon...
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